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Authentic No Hybrids

Yak for Sale

Heifer (female)

Heifer (female)
Nice Fiber
Heifer (female)1 yrImperial Trim
Has it all!
Heifer (female)Royal
Very Gentle
Heifer (female)1 yrImperial Trim
Very Quiet and Gentle
Heifer (female)Royal

Heifer Calf (female)

Lots of Wool!
Heifer Calf (female)Imperial
Big Coal Train heifer
Heifer Calf (female)Under 1 yrImperial

Bull Calf (male)

One of the Last Black Powder calves
Bull Calf (male)Under 1 yrGolden
Very nice wooly bull calf
Bull Calf (male)Under 1 yrImperial Trim

Cow (female)

Dr Lock-Blockbuster daughter
Cow (female)3 yrsImperial
Bit of Outcross
Cow (female)4 yrsImperial
Big Frame
Cow (female)3 yrsImperial Trim
Excellent hoof. Never needs trimming.
Cow (female)5 yrsNative
Best Producer
Cow (female)8 yrsImperial
very nice confirmation
Cow (female)4 yrsRoyal
Cow (female)Royal

Bull (male)

Klondike the Great
Bull (male)9 yrsRoyal