WayFare YaKs

Authentic No Hybrids

Foundation Yak

Cow (female)

Rimrock-Appleberry daughter
Cow (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Foundation# 3 yrs

Not for Sale
Dr Lock-Blockbuster daughter
Cow (female)Imperial | IYAK - Foundation# 3 yrs

Not for Sale
Big Frame
Cow (female)Imperial Trim | IYAK - Foundation# 3 yrs

Big solid young cow....

Not for Sale
Bit of Outcross
Cow (female)Imperial | IYAK - Foundation# 2C0764 yrs

A very nice imperial with very nice fiber ...

Not for Sale
very nice confirmation
Cow (female)Royal | IYAK - Foundation# 4 yrs

Great producer! Had a very nice heifer calf in 2018 and an outstanding bull calf in 2019!...

Not for Sale
Cow (female)Royal | IYAK - Foundation# 

Tame royal cow exposed to Coal Train...

Not for Sale

Heifer (female)

Grand Champion Pen Overall 2019 NWSS
Heifer (female)Royal | IYAK - Foundation# 3 yrs

Pantaloon Prophet is for sale, but she will cost you. Deep thick torso, nice fiber, great hoof. She has it all!...

Not for Sale
Heifer (female) | IYAK - Foundation# 

Big heifer, Reserve Grand Champion Fiber 2019 NWSS. Exposed to Coal Train...

Not for Sale
Champion Bloodlines
Heifer (female)Imperial Trim | IYAK - Foundation# 2 yrs

Very nice Coal Train daughter...

Not for Sale
Powerful Breeding
Heifer (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Foundation# 2 yrs

Klondike-R034 daughter...

Not for Sale

Heifer Calf (female)

Big Frame
Heifer Calf (female)Imperial Trim | IYAK - Foundation# Under 1 yr

Naturally Tame!...

Not for Sale

Bull (male)

Mighty Coal Train
Bull (male)Imperial Trim | IYAK - Foundation# 6 yrs

Smooth Silky low maintenance coat. Pulls together the finest bloodlines from many pedigree generations. C-Train is putting some very nice calves....

Not for Sale
Excellent Confirmation-2017 Grand Champ
Bull (male)Royal | IYAK - Foundation# 

Not for Sale