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Excellent Confirmation-2017 Grand Champ

TRY Apollo

Yak, Bull (male) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation#  | DOB: 

LDR Vader

LDR Vader

Bull (male)Imperial Trim
IYAK - Foundation# T056DOB: 
Our premier herd sire used on our best cows at thunder ridge yaks. Vader has sired award winning calves at the Denver National Stock Show. His calves demonstrate excellent growth/structure, bone/composition, slick/refined hair coat, and calm temperaments. Vader's dam is LDR Blackberry, the premier producing cow at Living Diamonds Ranch who has been best known for producing LDR Dr. Lock who has without doubt been a power house bull through his career.
 IYAK - Foundation# T056 Imperial Trim
FW Daisy

FW Daisy

Cow (female)Royal
IYAK - Foundation# Y036DOB: 
 IYAK - Foundation# Y036 Royal



NWSS 2017

Updated 1/31/2020