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The Original-they don't get any better!


Yak, Bull Calf (male) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation#  | DOB: 5/16/2019 (Under 1 yr)

LDR Klondike T057

Klondike the Great

LDR Klondike T057

Bull (male)Royal
IYAK - Foundation# T057DOB: 5/27/20109 yrs
Former Grand Champion NWSS. Very quiet and tame. Eats from you hand. Good deal on a magnificent older bull. Easy keeper.
 IYAK - Foundation# T057 Royal
TRY Diamond

very nice confirmation

TRY Diamond

Cow (female)Royal
IYAK - Foundation# DOB: 4/14/20154 yrs
Great producer! Had a very nice heifer calf in 2018 and an outstanding bull calf in 2019!
 IYAK - Foundation#  Royal

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Other: Zero cattle alleles, Zero cattle Mitochondria, minus Zero inbreeding coefficient.


The Original, One and Only GROUND ZERO. (any others by that name are copy cats). This is the tamest, most gentle bull calf we have every raised. He is on track to be the very best ever produced at Wayfare.

Updated 2/17/2020